Online Trend Data Reveals the True Impact of the Republican Debate

The acceleration and fragmentation of online conversation has impacted not only marketers, but also politicians looking to build their brands among US voters. We wanted to see what our unique view of web-wide conversations could tell us about the true impact of last week’s Republican debate for each candidate.

To understand who best leveraged the latest debates to shift the online conversation, we applied our proprietary, web-wide view of online trends to analyze online conversations in the two days surrounding the debates, for each candidate.

We calculated volume, momentum, sentiment, top demographics and related discussions across online conversations relevant to the elections and each of the candidates. We then ranked the candidates via a single Conversation Score which combined weighted values for overall volume, momentum, and sentiment.
Some key takeaways included:

  • Donald Trump lead in overall conversation score, despite increasingly negative sentiment
  • Trump also saw the greatest female skew among people talking about him online
  • Ben Carson saw a significant decline in overall conversation volume and sentiment
  • The negative tone surrounding the debates drove sentiment into negative territory for all candidates

Learn more and stay tuned for additional insights and analysis of the online conversation surrounding the 2016 Presidential race.
Download the full infographic