Accelerating Your Auto Advertising With Real Time Trends

Social channels and mobile devices have dramatically changed the way prospective auto buyers consume content throughout the purchase process. With endless information accessible at any moment, it has become more challenging for auto brands to target audiences and ensure their message resonates. So how can you break through the clutter?
We found that aligning ads with trending content for specific audiences in real-time – what we call Trend Advertising – can help enhance many common strategies for auto advertisers. These include Awareness, Conquesting, and Tent-Pole campaigns.
Let’s say you want to reach Auto Enthusiasts, or even more challenging – Millennials – for your auto campaign. Aligning ads with real-time trends can help you maximize the impact of your campaigns at scale against a variety of audience segments. Below we can see the performance lift generated for a recent Auto awareness campaign targeting millennials when ads were continuously aligned with trending content for that demographic.
After analyzing trending conversations for the top five selling car brands of 2016, we discovered that conversations surged around negative topics such as model recalls. By automatically aligning with real-time trends for competitors (especially negative ones), you can fully capitalize on the auto industry’s “unplannable” events to grow market share.
Tent-Pole Opportunities
Major auto events such as the Detroit Auto Show and the NY International Auto Show present an opportunity for marketers to align with trending industry content. Automatically targeting advertising within relevant conversations helps auto brands stay in front of key goals as they discuss and research each event across channels. The case study below highlights campaign results for a manufacturer that used Trend Advertising to support a new model launch at the Detroit Auto Show. By staying in front of the most relevant online trends for the event, the brand was able to maximize campaign reach and engagement and more effectively complement their product launch.
For more data and tips on how Trend Advertising can boost your Auto campaign results, download our full report below.