Uncovering the Impact of the Political Conventions

While the outcome still hangs in the balance, it’s already clear that this year’s presidential election is generating historic amount of online conversation including social media posts, likes, and shares as well as debates in online blogs and forums. Coming out of the Republican and Democratic conventions, we analyzed this treasure trove of data to answer a critical election season question: Did the candidates benefit from the buzz generated by their respective conventions? Read on for our analysis of the data surrounding one of the first major general election milestones.
Hillary’s Historic Moment Drives Conversation Volume
In analyzing overall conversation volume surrounding the past two weeks of political conventions, we see that Hillary’s historic DNC address generated 128% more online conversation volume than Trump’s speech. Other key trends driving conversation volume for the candidates included Melania Trump’s plagiarism scandal and Michelle Obama’s convention speech.

Trump Mobilizes His Base
Both candidates saw some uptick in positive sentiment during their respective conventions. Digging deeper into the demographics of those sharing positive comments about each candidate we can see that the RNC also had the most polarizing effect on online conversation, consolidating positive sentiment for Trump into a fairly narrow demographic. During the convention, 86% of positive commenters were 45-54 and more than 67% were male. This represented a 54 point increase and a 10 point increase respectively from pre-convention numbers.
DNC Fields Buzzworthy Speaker Lineup
With regard to online buzz, the DNC benefitted most from their speaker line-up, occupying 7 out of the top 10 spots when ranked by conversation volume. Melania Trump actually generated the most volume, but this appeared to be attributed primarily to the plagiarism scandal surrounding her RNC address. Nearly 50% of the sentiment surrounding Melania Trump conversations was negative. Barack Obama, the most popular Democratic Convention speaker, generated a higher percentage of positive sentiment overall.
With many more weeks to go in this election season, we’ll continue to track the impact of key speeches and endorsements on campaign buzz. You can see our latest insights on the Taykey Blog and in real-time via Taykey Trend Pulse.