The Week in Online Trends

When an artist as iconic as Prince dies it’s no surprise that people turned to social conversation to share their reactions. Also driving online chatter this week were topics as far ranging as politics, animals, and soda. This week we present to you the trends that are generating the great interest from online audiences based on Taykey’s analysis of millions of online conversations from across the web. If you want to dive even deeper into each trend, click on the related thumbnail image to learn details on age, gender, sentiment, and conversation volume.



Coachella Taylor Swift at Coachella (peaked on 4/18)
You can always count on Coachella to generate buzz around the celebrities who attend the festival, their antics and fashion choices. This year was no different as Taylor Swift was the centerpiece of this year’s chatter for her frequent Instagram updates of her ‘Squad’ and for her beau, Calvin Harris, who was a musical headliner at the music festival. Sentiment was very positive towards Taylor with interest being driven primarily by women. Lorde and Calvin Harris also trended as a result of their association with Taylor.


Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman to Go On the $20 Bill (peaked on 4/20)
The announcement that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill ended up as one of the top trends for the week. This trend reflected news that was particularly history making as Tubman will be the first woman and African American to appear on a U.S. currency bill. Men (55% vs 45% women) aged 25 to 34 drove this trend that was met with positive sentiment.


Diet Coke Diet Coke’s New Design (peaked on 4/20)
In yet another sign that people hate change, Diet Coke’s impending packaging re-design became the focus of online complaining last week. As expected, sentiment was relatively negative in reaction to the beverage maker’s announcement of unifying their label designs across the Coke family of beverages. Most of the chatter was driven by younger women, aged 13 to 24, with the negative sentiment aptly encapsulated by trending Buzzfeed article, “What The Hell Just Happened To Diet Coke?”


Chyna WWE Legend Chyna Found Dead (peaked on 4/21)
Wrestling legend Chyna has been found dead at her LA home, the star’s manager has revealed. Born Joan Laurer, the actress and occasional reality star shot to fame as a star of WWE in the mid-1990s where she was dubbed “The Ninth Wonder of the World”. Sentiment around the news of her death was negative and the conversations skewed male, ages 25 to 34.


John Kasich Kasich Takes Manhattan (peaked on 4/21)
As expected, Donald Trump won his home state resoundingly over his nearest competitor, John Kasich, during last Tuesday’s New York primary. But the bit of irony that drove one of the week’s top trends was that Kasich beat Trump on his own home turf by winning the 12th Congressional District which represents Manhattan. Adults aged 25-44 were the most engaged with this trend and like Trump himself, this news was controversial in sentiment.


Prince Music Icon Prince Dies (peaked on 4/15)
The shock of Prince’s sudden death drove a tremendous wave of online conversation as people chose to mourn and memorialize the music icon’s artistic contributions across social platforms and the web. Interest in this trend was distributed equally across age brackets while the news skewed slightly more female.