The Week in Online Trends

Last week Taykey saw trends spiking around the exciting Cleveland Cavaliers win, gun control legislation in Congress, and Britain’s surprising vote to leave the European Union. Click on the related trend snapshot for each story to dive into audience details on gender, age, sentiment, and related topics. To see what’s trending by audience in real-time, check out Taykey Trend Pulse.



NBA Final The Cleveland Cavaliers Win the NBA Championship (Peaked on 6/20)
After experiencing a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers became the first team in NBA history to overcome such a deficit and capture the championship title. The audience for this trend skewed heavily male and younger and expressed positive sentiment for series MVP, LeBron James.


US Senate US Senate Block Gun Reforms (Peaked on 6/21)
In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting, the Senate took to the floor early last week to vote on four proposals for gun-purchasing restrictions. Sentiment around the topic of United States Senate was largely negative with an older audience (45-54) driving the conversation around this trend.


Vigilants Cops Nab Three ‘Vigilantes’ with Huge Arsenal Headed for New York City (Peaked on 6/21)
Police stopped a trio heading into New York City with a pickup truck loaded with ammunition including several firearms and knives, 2,000 rounds of ammunition, and a bullet-resistant vest and helmet. The audience for this trend was slightly more male (57%) and older as the most interested audiences were concentrated within the 35-64 age group.


Gun Control House Floor Sit-In Over Gun Control (Peaked on 6/22)
Democratic lawmakers brought the U.S. House of Representatives to a halt last Wednesday by staging a sit-in to demand a vote on gun control legislation. Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi was the topic driving this trend and the sentiment around it was very negative among it’s predominantly female audience.


Freddie Gray Baltimore Cop Caesar Goodson Found Not Guilty of All Charges (Peaked on 6/23)
Another trial verdict in the death of Freddie Gray became trending news last week as a Baltimore judge found one of the accused officers, van driver Caesar Goodson, not guilty on all seven counts. Sentiment around the topic of Freddie Gray was negative likely due to the public outrage surrounding the officer acquittals in this case. Related interests for this audience included news, politics & government, and law.


Brexit Brexit Means a Bumpy Road Ahead for the UK Economy (Peaked on 6/24)
Reverberations from the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union were felt all over the world. The spike in online conversation around this topic was driven by an evenly distributed audience across gender and age lines. In addition to being interested in Brexit, the audience was also expressed interest in personal finance and financial news.