The Week in Online Trends

Last week’s headlines were dominated by the events of the Republican National Convention with each day’s speeches sparking a flurry of online conversation. The week opened on a relatively light hearted note with reports of the latest celebrity feud and ended with tragic news of yet another mass shooting, this time in Munich. Click on each trend snapshot to uncover additional details including the audience’s age, gender, sentiment as well as the conversation volume for the trend.
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Kim Kardashian Kanye West and Taylor Swift Feud Continues (Peaked on 7/18)
The latest chapter in an ongoing feud involves a Kim Kardashian Snapchat post that supposedly proves that her husband got permission from Swift for a now notorious line in the song “Famous.” The trend was driven mostly by a young female audience who also talked about Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Snapchat, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Melania Trump Melania Trump RNC Plagiarized Speech Debacle (Peaked on 7/19)
Social media was in a frenzy over Melania Trump’s speech when it came to light that certain parts were identical to Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. While this trend was being talked about by a relatively broad audience, we did see some concentration in the 55+ age group. The trending topic of plagiarism, not surprisingly, garnered very negative sentiment with the audience who also talked about Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, and the speeches of Barack Obama.


Ted Cruz Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump During RNC Speech (Peaked on 7/20)
Last Wednesday night, Ted Cruz got booed by the convention audience for refusing to endorse Donald Trump. The audience driving this trend skewed slightly more male (58%) and older (55+) and were also interested in content around politics, society, pro-basketball, ethnic-specific content, and financial news.


Turkey Turkey to Suspend the European Convention on Human Rights (Peaked on 7/21)
In the aftermath of the failed military coup, Turkey is temporarily suspending the European Convention on Human Rights as part of a three-month state of emergency. The audience for this trend was older (55-64) and more male (67%). They also talked about Nunan Kurtulmus, the deputy prime minister of Turkey. Sentiment for the European Convention on Human Rights was negative likely due to the connection to the deadly failed coup.


Donald Trump Donald Trump’s RNC Speech (Peaked on 7/21)
Donald Trump blamed political correctness for interfering with the government’s ability to keep Americans safe during his speech last Thursday evening at the Republican National Convention. Trump’s remarks drove several trends the next day but this particular trend around the term political correctness drew an audience that was more male (66%) spread across age groups. The audience expressed very negative sentiment around the term political correctness and was also interested in content surrounding the topics of law, ethnic-specific content, government and politics, and society.


Munich Shooting Shooting at Shopping Center in Munich, Germany (Peaked on 7/22)
News of a Munich mall shooting that left 10 dead trended late last week. Reports of a lone gunman going on a rampage struck a nerve with adults 25 and older. The audience, which skewed more male (62%), expressed negative sentiment for the topic of shooting spree.