Who Won the Battle for E3 Buzz?

Last week, we tracked real-time buzz from industry-watchers and gaming fans surrounding this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo conference, known as E3. This year’s conference did not disappoint, with a robust lineup of new games and hardware.

This week we took a deeper look at the data to see which new releases resonated most with fans and which companies best capitalized on the E3 opportunity. To produce these insights Taykey automatically mined thousands of E3 related conversations across leading websites and social platforms. Key takeaways included:


  • Long-awaited game sequels, especially role-playing and first-person shooters,
    were the overall winning trends of the week

  • PS4 took center stage at this year’s show, propelled by new innovative features and
    a strong lineup of game partnerships

  • The top games – including titles such as Call of Duty and Final Fantasy – all represented
    sequels or long-running franchises in the role-playing and first person shooter categories

  • The audience driving the E3 conversation was 18-24 years old and approximately 80%
    were male. More surprisingly, we saw a strong affinity towards business and financial
    topics indicating a professional skew for this audience


Check out our full E3 infographic for more details on the companies and products leading the gaming conversation last week.