17 NYC-Based Startups Ready To Take On 2017

Backed with $32m from Sequoia Capital and Eric Schmidt, Taykey solves the problem of people living in their own echo-chamber and only seeing what their friends or like minded individuals care for. With Taykey you can see how other people feel about a product, a news event, or a presidential candidate without being surprised in the aftermath. Taykey is a...

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Among 2016’s Top Real-Time Trends

It wasn’t just the presidential election and President-elect Donald J. Trump’s tirades on Twitter that topped trend lists in 2016. Real-time audience data company Taykey found that beyond politics, developments in the auto, tech, entertainment, and sports sectors dominated real-time trending topics. Taykey, which analyzes hundreds of millions of data points daily to help brands discover and act on what’s...

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How New Balance, Pepsi and Kellogg’s Were Impacted by Trump Controversies All Three Received Negative Feedback on Social

Adweek used Taykey's data to analyze what happens to brands when they get involved in political issues, whether accidentally or on purpose. Our data indicated that it is bound to have an impact on how consumers talk about brands on social media. Three brands recently made headlines due to the election of Donald Trump–New Balance, Pepsi, and Kellogg's–had to deal...

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