17 NYC-Based Startups Ready To Take On 2017

Backed with $32m from Sequoia Capital and Eric Schmidt, Taykey solves the problem of people living in their own echo-chamber and only seeing what their friends or like minded individuals care for. With Taykey you can see how other people feel about a product, a news event, or a presidential candidate without being surprised in the aftermath.

Taykey is a real-time audience data company. By tracking vasts amount of public online data, such as social posts, searches, blog posts and comments online, Taykey is able to get a the full picture of what matters to any audience a company could care for.

Up until now, Taykey offered its technology for media buyers, but in 2017, Taykey will launch its insights platform enabling any company to have a full view of online trends.

Takey is headquartered in NYC but with offices worldwide, and among their clients you can find Coca-Cola, VW, Samsung, GAP, P&G, Toyota, Apple & more.
By: Yoav Vilner | Tech Blogger of
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