Taykey Advances Real-Time Online Ad Management with Significant Updates to its Media Platform – Press Release

NEW YORK, April 8, 2014 – Taykey, the leading provider of automated media solutions for real-time advertising, today announced important additions to its Media Platform. Updates include a self-service online dashboard to monitor the performance of digital ad campaigns, as well as access to substantial new video ad placements, making Taykey’s platform the only solution that automates trend-driven targeting across social media services, digital sites and multiple video resources.

In response to demand from clients, Taykey’s new self-service online dashboard allows marketing executives and their agencies to monitor holistic campaign performance and results across all platforms. The dashboard also provides trend-based insights so customers can better understand where their ads are being placed by Taykey’s service, and why. Further, this insight provides Taykey clients with enhanced awareness and understanding of their customer interests and preferences in order to improve overall marketing strategy, not just online ad placements.

The platform update also makes access to wider video placements available to Taykey clients, enabling them to automatically optimize their creative across multiple video resources. According to IAB’s 2013 Internet Advertising Revenue Report, video advertising revenue rose 24 percent in 2013 over the previous year, signifying an acceleration in the use of this medium for advertising. With Taykey’s unique trend-discovery and ad placement service, powered by its connections with expansive video inventory, advertisers can now ensure optimal returns on video advertising, and thus achieve better campaign results overall.

“Taykey’s platform is an integral part of our marketing strategy in that it helps us get in front of our core audiences when it matters most, on social media and digital sites as well as through new video channels,” said CUSTOMER. “The insights provided by Taykey’s solution are also extremely beneficial to our corporate strategy, enlightening our team with details on the trends that consumers are following when they interact with our brand. Overall, this new platform version gives COMPANY the opportunity to improve ad campaign results, expand our customer base and drive new revenue streams.”

“These major updates represent the evolution of our platform to become a more sophisticated trend-based advertising automation solution,” said Amit Avner, Taykey CEO. “By offering more self-service and on demand capabilities within our platform, our clients can better address the wandering nature of consumers’ online behaviors today. The result is that their online campaigns will gain better visibility over time with the audiences that matter most, and therefore boost the impact of advertising efforts.”