Making the Most of the March Madness Opportunity

Conversation volume among basketball fans surges during the weeks surrounding March Madness. Fragmentation of conversations driven by social and mobile has made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to pinpoint their tournament audience. In response, Taykey analyzed the top trends of March Madness 2016 and their implications for marketers. Read on to learn more about how to best reach your March Madness Audience efficiently and effectively.
Reaching Millennial Basketball Fans

Millennial males are the key demographic engaging around March Madness content. Last year, March Madness fans also showed a strong affinity for the NBA as well as Hip Hop and R&B music.
2016 NCAA Top Trends

Even the top endemic trends for March Madness 2016 were difficult to predict since unexpected upsets generated the most buzz, like Middle Tennessee State’s shocking upset. Besides the big upsets, conversation surrounding March Madness also spiked once the schedule and brackets were released. Interestingly, Middle Tennessee State’s upset and Texas A&M’s win generated more volume than Villanova’s buzzer-beater championship win.
2016 Non-Endemic Fan Trends

March Madness fans have a wide variety of interests beyond the NCAA tournament itself, including Hip Hop and rap music, politics, and NBA trends. During the 2016 tournament, these fans were also talking about new music releases by Kanye West, Rihanna, and Young Thug. Interestingly, the three music trends occurred later in the tournament after the initial buzz ended.
Make the Most of the March Madness Opportunity

So, how can you put these insights into action to make the most of your marketing investment? We’re recommending the following for our clients:

  • Take an automated, “always-on” approach to surrounding March Madness content to fully capitalize on the reach and engagement generated by unpredictable tournament trends. An ideal flight would span from early March through the first week in April.
  • Think audience, not just context. By tapping into timely, non-endemic trends during your March Madness flight you can build additional reach and engagement with tournament fans.

To learn more about how Taykey Trend Advertising can supercharge your March Madness investment, contact us here. To monitor real-time trends throughout the tournament be sure to bookmark Taykey’s free Trend Pulse tool.

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