Three Ways To Score Big With Your Super Bowl Campaign

With all of the competition for audience attention it can be difficult to effectively break through the clutter surrounding the big game. Here are three concrete ways that aligning your campaign with real-time trends, also known as Trend Advertising, can help you maximize the effectiveness of your Super Bowl online ad investment.
Align with Non-Endemic Real-Time Trends
Super Bowl fans engage with a breadth of content before, during, and after the big game. Non-endemic trends, especially related to other sports and entertainment topics can be a key opportunity to reach and engage Super Bowl audiences, often in a less cluttered environment. Throughout the 2016 Super Bowl, Taykey automatically targeted other content that Super Bowl fans were engaging with. The chart below illustrates the average advertising performance lift from these trends.
Leverage online ad buzz for competitive conquesting opportunities
According to an online study, 23% of Super Bowl watchers said that the commercials are the most important part of the experience for them. The Doritos ad from 2016 was the most successful at driving conversation volume online. The chart below show the online conversation volume surrounding some of 2016’s biggest game day advertisers. Targeting ad-related buzz online can create rich opportunities for competitive conquesting.

Connect with divergent super bowl audiences
Taykey pinpointed and analyzed three distinct Super Bowl audiences based on age and gender distribution. We found that the audience engaging with content about the ads, the game, and the entertainers were distinct. For example, Millennials were more likely to talk about Super Bowl Ads and Entertainment rather than the game itself. By uncovering and aligning with micro-trends for specific audiences you can boost the efficiency of online Super Bowl efforts.
Reaching Your Super Bowl Audience
While game day audience trends are often fragmented and unpredictable, Trend Advertising can turn these challenges into opportunities. By keeping pace with the unexpected, you can boost the reach, engagement, and efficiency of your Super Bowl campaign. To learn more, download our full Super Bowl report.

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