The Sweetest Trends

Taykey analyzed the audience talking about Valentine’s Day across social media and popular websites. Here are some of our key takeaways, including conversation volume, audience demographics, and the most talked about movies and gifts.
More Buzz for Handmade Gifts

The affinity among the Valentine’s Day audience for Etsy shows that the growing demand for handmade gift items has also infiltrated this holiday. We also saw rising popularity of some less surprising brands including Victoria’s Secret and Ferrero Rocher.
What’s Old is New Again

Along with the excitement of the newest Fifty Shades movie, old romantic comedies made a comeback this Valentine’s Day. Fifty Shades dominated the conversation for Millennials and there was also a significant amount of conversation surrounding relatively older romantic comedies for this audience.
Conversation Volume and Audience

Valentine’s Day conversation is driven mostly by women. Interestingly, women 25-54 were all equally engaged with Valentine’s Day conversation online.

Gift suggestions and Valentine’s Day ideas started emerging exactly three weeks before the 14th, growing higher in volume as the day grew closer. Retailers take note – three weeks seems to mark the beginning of social buzz for the holiday with a significant increase occurring at the one week mark.
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