The Week in Online Trends

Royalty, the U.S. primary elections, film awards, and virus outbreaks led the news cycle this past week. Kobe Bryant’s retirement also represented an end of an era that sparked online interest. These trends, culled from Taykey’s analysis of millions of online conversations from across the web, drove the online conversation. Dive deeper into each trend by clicking on the related thumbnail image to see details on age, gender, sentiment, and conversation volume.



Royal Tour Royal Tour of India (peaked on 4/11)
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began a weeklong visit to India by paying their respects at one of the sites of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. This visit, their first royal tour in two years, was a popular topic particularly among the 25-34 and the 65+ age groups.


MTV Movie Award MTV Movie Award (peaked on 4/11)
The MTV Movie Awards is always a reliable source of gossip page fodder especially for who won the Best Kiss Award. This year was no different. Perfect Pitch 2 co-stars Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson sparked online conversations for their win by recreating their sloppy on-screen kiss upon accepting their award. Interestingly, the audience for this trend leaned slightly older and female and the sentiment was very positive.


Equal Pay Day Equal Pay Day (peaked on 4/12)
Last Tuesday marked “Equal Pay Day” and tech giants, Facebook and Microsoft, took the opportunity to announce that they have eliminated the gender pay gap at their respective companies. This trend was equally divided along gender lines and was concentrated among work ages adults (25 and up). This trend was met with very positive sentiment across all demographics.


Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant Final Game (peaked on 4/14)
Kobe Bryant captured a large share of online conversations when he ended his NBA career on a high note by scoring 60 points against the Utah Jazz Wednesday night. The stunning comeback from a nine-point deficit in the fourth quarter made for a thrilling conclusion to Bryant’s 20-year career with the Lakers. Men were the most engaged audience with the 34-44 age group showing the most interest.


Zika Virus Zika Virus (peaked on 4/14)
Concern over the devastating effects of the Zika virus drove interest in news that the CDC confirmed its link to microcephaly and other severe fetal abnormalities. The news was met with negative sentiment from an evenly divided audience along gender lines.


Democratic Debates Democratic Debates in New York (peaked on 4/15)
With the New York primaries fast approaching, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took to the stage to discuss a wide variety of issues ranging from Israeli treatment of Palestinians, the minimum wage, abortion rights, to Wall Street. The debate got so heated over the issue of minimum wage that moderator Wolf Blitzer had to interject to stop the candidates from talking over each other. Interest was highest among the Baby Boomer set, ages 55 to 65.