The Week in Online Trends

The past week saw an array of topics generating online buzz from Pokémon GO taking over the world to election news in anticipation of the political conventions later this month to more tragedy befalling France with the Bastille Day attacks in Nice.

Our weekly recap highlights just a few of the many trends capturing a large share of online conversation. For more information on the audience for each trend, click on the thumbnail to see age, gender, sentiment, and conversation volume details.

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Michigan Courthouse Shooting Michigan Courthouse Shooting (Peaked on 7/12)
Last week began with more tragic news of gun violence, this time at a courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan where two court officers were killed by a gunman. The audience for this trend skewed slightly more male (55%) and older.


Italy Train Collision Trains Collide in Southern Italy (Peaked on 7/12)
Two trains collided in a rural area of southern Italy Tuesday, killing at least 20 people. People talking about this topic were older (45+) and evenly split between males and females. Sentiment for southern Italy was largely negative reflecting the sad nature of the news tragedy. The audience talking about this topic were also engaged with the categories of news, society, and financial news.


Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton (Peaked on 7/12)
Last Tuesday, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton appeared together at a New Hampshire rally where Sanders announced his endorsement Clinton for president. The politics-interested audience was pretty evenly split between males (47%) and females (53%) and skewed somewhat older (55 and older). Our trend data showed negative sentiment around the topic of Bernie Sanders.


Grindr HIV Test Kits Researchers Use Grindr App to Give Out H.I.V. Self-Testing Kits (Peaked on 7/13)
A recent study showed that Grindr, the gay dating app, can be an effective channel to reach gay minorities and educate them on H.I.V. self-testing kits. This topic, which was trending with the Early Adopter audience segment, was driven by the 18-34 age group and was discussed among males (54%) and females (46%) alike.


ESPY Awards 2016 ESPY Awards (Peaked on 7/14)
An event that showcases today’s sports heroes is sure to generate a lot of online chatter among sports enthusiasts and so it’s hardly surprisingly that we saw the annual ESPY Awards become a top trending item for the week. Chris Paul trended as part of a poignant and emotional show opener that reflected on the prior week’s police shootings. The NBA star was the focus of online buzz among a younger 18-34 year old male audience. Sentiment for Chris Paul was largely positive and the audience also talked about the ESPY Awards and the players who appeared alongside him including Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James.


Promenade Des Anglais Attack Bastille Day Attack in Nice, France (Peaked on 7/15)
Reports of several dozen dead and many more injured marred celebration of France’s day of independence. This latest mass attack drew broad interest and negative sentiment as the audience for this trend was divided evenly across age groups and gender lines. People who talked about this event also talked about the topics of Nice, Bastille Day, France, and terrorism.