Why Brands Aren’t Buying Self-Service

With all the buzz about self-serve ad platforms, it might seem as if everyone is using them. But, as the saying goes, appearances can be deceiving.I recently spoke with 10 peers who run ad-tech companies serving agencies and big brands. Most of these people said their companies either offer a self-service option or are in the process of building one....

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Taykey, One of Europe’s Hottest Startups

The algorithms of advertising startup Taykey eavesdrop on the real-time online conversations of a client's audience, then place ads accordingly.If a studio is releasing the GI Joe film, for example, and wants to target teens, Taykey can spot teens talking about Justin Bieber. GI Joe ads are then placed on Bieber fan sites. Clients include Unilever and Sony. By: Madhumita...

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Taykey Wins a Red Herring North America 100 Award

Taykey, whose unique Topical Advertising technology delivers ads to a marketers target audience based on what that audience is interested in at any given moment, was selected from over a thousand entries as one of Red Herring’s North America 100, an award honoring the continent’s most promising private companies. Taykey was selected by Red Herring's editorial staff based on both...

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