7 TV Shows You Need to Watch If You Love ‘Game of Thrones’

Business Insider worked with Taykey, an advertising technology company that can pinpoint specific audiences and analyze what's trending for them, to discover which shows hardcore "Game of Thrones" fans talked about when they're not talking about "Thrones." By: Jethro Nededog | Senior TV Reporter at Business Insider Read the full article

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Theraflu Supports the Fight Against Sickness with Flu Forecasts

The Weather Company, IBM’s weather data and forecasting subsidiary, is collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline's Theraflu to bring a cold and flu tracker into the palms of consumers’ hands. Taykey's CEO Amit Avner explains how Taykey's real-time trend analysis can help predict and target where cold and flu trends occur. By: Rakin Azfar | Author of Mobile Marketer Read the full article

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