Taykey Folds Programmatic Solution Into Trend Advertising Product

Trend-based audience analysis company Taykey announced today that its Trend Advertising will have a new programmatic capability. The new solution allows programmatic ad buyers to combine their own audience segments, based on cookies with Taykey’s targeting data.

Taykey aggregates and analyzes data about what audiences are sharing and looking at and enables brands to programmatically buy inventory that’s near trending content.

The company’s trend advertising ad platform ran as a managed service for four years, meaning that agencies sent over insertion orders and Taykey bought the trends on Google’s Display Network. Until now, the technology wasn’t designed to work directly with demand-side platforms (DSP) as a self-service utility.

“Fragmentation and the unpredictability of audience interest is making it difficult for programmatic brand buyers to target quality, relevant content at scale,” stated Taykey Founder and CEO, Amit Avner. “By bringing real-time trend data into today’s programmatic workflow, we can deliver the quality of a private exchange with the reach and cost efficiency of an open exchange.”

Programmatic buyers will now have access to a self-service interface that they can use to build audience segments.

Taykey’s trend monitoring analyzes what’s popular among users and delivers the URLs of specific videos and articles that fit into that trend so that advertisers can maximize their reach.

The platform offers integration with DoubleClick bid manager, and the company has plans to open up other integrations later.
By: Ben Frederick
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